Björn Nussbächer

During an  art-residency in Japan and Taiwan , I ve been visiting many art communities and get really interested how art creates community.

I think all around the world people want somehow the same ,  be happy and experience a joyful life .Art helps us to have fun and to get a deeper understanding of each other.How can this energy be made visualized  and  how can it be accumulated?How can it be shared ? I just took my camera and started to explore.

‮&‬b‮$‬ى٪؛‮)‬M٪xئW‮(‬ق‮&‬aأ❊‮٣‬N‮>‬n‮/‬d‮٤‬ء‮٦ ! !‬A‮$‬F‮٨‬ر‮$‬F‮$#&‬P‮*❊٠‬د‮* :‬أ❊‮٣‬N‮$‬م$ئ‮ !‬A‮(‬أ‮٩‬ُأ❊‮٣‬N‮٣‬ذ‮٣‬y‮*❊٠‬د‮٧‬P‮(‬ٌ؟‮٣=‬ٌ‮ !‬C

‭ ‬‮’‬غ؛‭{‬،‮٠&‬b،Y‮ :‬ظ‮٥‬‭{‬‮+‬ط‮$‬W‮ !‬A٪@،ة‮&‬U‮&‬a‮$#&‬P‮* :$‬H،O‮>‬ض&‮٣‬،‮[&‬P‮٤‬ڤ‮١‬ن‮* : !‬A‮’‬ض<ض‮&‬aإىإه٪ح،‮ ! !‬Cأ❊‮٣‬N‮/‬ـ‮١‬a‮(‬س’ض<ض‮ !‬A‮(‬أ/ـ‮١٤/‬ء‮&[(- !‬C‮&‬س‮٣‬o‮ :‬ظ/ـ‮٦‬q‮٨‬س‮&‬p‮&‬پ‮٥‬گؤ‮١$‬ئ‮ !‬A‮&‬p‮&‬پ؟n‮٢‬ض‮ !‬H‭ ‬‮&‬p‮&‬پ‮$❊(‬ة‮ !‬H‭ ‬‮’‬غ٪H؟}‮٩٣$‬@‮$‬@‮١٤/‬ء‮ !‬C